What is the PAW Program?

PAW stands for Peer Advisers for Writing and is a program at the Global Teaching Institute (GTI) at Tokyo International University (TIU) dedicated to providing student-to-student writing help in a supportive, collaborative space in which they can experiment with and improve their writing in English. It is an area of Academic Advising where students can go to work with a Writing Adviser on their academic writing needs, including (but not limited to):

  • Understanding & brainstorming for assignments
  • Outlining
  • Drafting & editing based on peer- and instructor-feedback
  • Finding, integrating & citing sources
  • APA Formatting
  • Using Microsoft Word & Google Docs for academic writing

Who are PAWs?

Peer Advisers for Writing (PAWs) are students who work in the Global Teaching Institute’s Academic Advising to give respectful guidance to their fellow student writers based on specialized knowledge in the areas above which they have gained in their training to become Writing Advisors. PAWs use their training, writing resources, and their own experiences as student writers to help answer questions about academic writing in English.

We have Global Teaching Fellows (GTFs). Why do we need PAWs?

While the Global Teaching Institute (GTFs and PAWs alike) always aims to empower student writers by working with, not for, them on their written works, PAWs are in a special position to support their peers. As students themselves, they can offer tips and information about writing for courses at TIU from the perspective of a student writer.